How many more times will you PIMP your BRAIN for pennies
on the dollar
and not be recognized for your value,
and financially rewarded for
This is for HARD WORKING, results driven Entrepreneurs, Service Providers,
Healers, Network Marketers and Corporate Professionals who have a DESIRE to be
unapologetically recognized for their value,
rewarded for their brilliance,
and celebrated for the fullest expression of themselves!

Are you a hard working, man or woman who secretly feels
isolated, overworked and underpaid?

How many more years can you survive being the first to arrive,
the last to leave while you know it’s costing you
your health, your marriage and your sanity?

Are you tired of working hard and are you ready to work smart,
but you’re not sure where to start?

Are you SICK of getting accolades up the wazoo and pats on the back
while you watch someone else be financially rewarded for your hard work?

Do you want to use your life to make a real difference,
make real money and make your unique mark — on the world?
Imagine being the play maker or game changer where you are financially recognized and RICHLY rewarded for being fully self expressed!
I’ll teach you my PROVEN, 7-step Playbook that will help YOU develop the MINDSET to work SMART and
WIN the Million Dollar Game.

Dear (Soon to be) Master Playmaker,

Do these 3 Myths sound familiar?:

Myth #1 Successful People Don’t Have Breakdowns

You recently had the thought, “there’s got to be more to life than this.” On the outside you maintain the façade that all is well, while on the inside you walk with anger, shame and disappointment because you aren’t being recognized or rewarded like you believe you deserve to be. You’ve bought the myth that successful people don’t have breakdowns. In your desire to look good and maintain an image of success, you struggle to keep up with the Jones’, yet you secretly feel trapped, isolated and alone.

Myth #2 Hard Work and Great Education will set you Free

You are frustrated with working hard and having others be recognized and rewarded for YOUR brilliance. You know you’ve done the work, but you are still the person on the sidelines; unseen, unheard and unrecognized. Yes, you have the ability—yet those who seem to do less work and put in less time are passing you by. You are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you are ready to finally win at the million dollar game.

Deep down you know you are brilliant, you know you are special and believe you have a unique gift to offer the world. The reality is, you don’t know what’s holding you back. You don’t know how to get paid, because like many others, you don’t really know your worth. You believe the myth that having a great education and working hard will set you free. So you work long HARD hours yet your dreams seem to be getting further and further away. You’ve moved from job to job or even started your own business in pursuit of financial freedom, however no matter how hard you try or how hard you work, freedom, time and money escape you. You believe you’ve done all the right things yet you secretly feel like a failure.

Myth #3 Some things are beyond my control

You are sick and tired of playing small and are ready to take 100% responsibility for your own success. The nagging question is HOW? You know your life was meant for more than this, yet you feel like the solutions are beyond your control. Every step forward seems to be followed with two steps back and you are exhausted, overworked and on the brink of burnout.

You hear the voice inside your head reminding you of every missed opportunity, every disappointment and every failure. Convinced that you may not have it what it takes, your solution is to take one more workshop or one more course, taking yourself out of the game and firmly planting yourself on the sidelines. You unconsciously protect yourself from being hurt and disappointed again, and attempt to fix the part of you that you think is broken, treating yourself like a machine that needs repair. You believe the myth that some things are beyond your control and unfortunately your inaction is reflected in your results.

If any of these myths speak to YOU, you are definitely in the right place at the right time!

My name is Suzan Hart and I’m the “Mindset Mastery” Mentor.
I understand each of these myth’s because I once believed them all myself. After graduating with two degrees, I was at the top of my professional game, and a successful role model in my community. However my secret shame was that I was financially upside down, physically exhausted and in a failing marriage. The stress of maintaining the façade of my success had me on the brink of burnout. However 7 years later I became a black woman millionaire in the profession of network marketing. I turned my life lessons into the strategies that created my first million, and I teach my clients my 7 Step playbook that helped ME develop the mindset to work smart and win at the Million Dollar Game.

I teach my clients how to overcome the myths that keep them broke, exhausted, on the brink of burnout and feeling alone.  May I be completely honest with you? You will never get wealthy by working HARD. As long as your income is attached to time, you will always be required to work more or longer hours to make more money.

You can have all the experience in the world, you can have all the skills in the world but unless you change your mindset from working hard to working smart, you’ll never create wealth. 

As long as you are trading time for dollars, you’ll never create wealth.

As long as you let someone else determine your worth, you’ll never create wealth.

Over the past 10 years I have worked with and interviewed some incredibly successful people who all have a few things in common:

  1. They know how to build powerful systems.
  2. They know how to build networks and influential relationships.
  3. Most importantly they know how to leverage and have mastered working SMART.

In order to understand the power of working smart,
the real question is what is wealth?

According to Robert Kiyosaki,

“Wealth is the number of days you can survive without physically working and still maintain your standard of living”.

Here’s a simple test: Take the amount of money you currently have saved in your bank account, divide it by your monthly expenses, and whatever number you get is the value of your wealth.

Most people would agree they work long and hard for their money. If you had to stop working or lost your job today the question is how long would you survive? What is the value of your wealth? For many it is very sobering to know that the length of time they would survive is just a few quick months.

Here are some telltale signs of people who work HARD rather than smart:

  • You work many hours of overtime but your dreams get further and further away
  • You are only paid when you are physically working
  • Someone else has determined your hourly wage
  • You try to tuck away money for savings but the reality is there is often more month left at the end of the money.
  • You have to ask permission for your 2 or 4 weeks of paid vacation
  • You’ve been given promotions and more responsibility but the pay increase doesn’t reflect the required time and effort.
  • You’ve spent years climbing the proverbial ladder, yet still aren’t financially free
  • If you stop working, cash stops flowing.
When you have the mindset of working hard, you never realize that the skills, experience and value you provide, cannot be reflected in a predetermined equation of long hours and a standard wage.

Know you are unique and you are special.

Your value is a combination of your skill, compounded by your many years of experience and multiplied by your unique brilliance. When you truly understand your worth, you’ll begin to believe that no employer can afford to put a $ value on the experience, skills and unique brilliance that years of growth have allowed you to bring to the table.

When you know your worth and have learned to work smart you are now in a position to begin to create wealth.

Signs you are working smart:

  • How you do what you do, is designed to have you live the lifestyle you desire.
  • You understand leverage and are able create income when you are not physically working.
  • You have determined your worth.
  • You pay yourself first.
  • You own your time and build a schedule that serves your life.
  • You know your worth and are paid on your skills, your experience & most importantly your unique brilliance
  • You are on the path to time and money freedom.
  • You earn more money in less time

You can’t be blamed for not working smart. Getting a great education, working hard, keeping up with the Jones’s, and trying to control your environment is what you’ve been taught.

Yes Suzan, I’m ready to Learn the 7 Step Playbook that will help me develop the MINDSET to work SMART and WIN the Million Dollar Game in Antidote For Isolation Playbook (Virtual) 12 Month Program!

What will I learn…

I am the Creator: Building your Business Your way. Period.

Most of us know what we do for a living but very few of us know WHY we do what we do. In this section we will ensure the what you do aligns with the life style you desire to live. We will deign your life and build your business to serve your desired life. We will begin with the end in mind.

Alignment before Assignment: Stop hiring for skills and firing for character.

Most relationships fail not because of a lack of skills, rather they fail because the individuals involved are guided by different beliefs, values and expectations.  In this section you will get clear on the principles that guide your life and ensure that you surround yourself and partner with individuals who have similar values and beliefs.   We will look at the people in you life, relationships and business to ensure that those around you lift you up, hold you accountable and are a stand for your greatness.

Creating a Clearing: Activate the vacuum that attracts Million Dollar results.

A clearing is space.  If you desire success you must create space for abundance to flow. In this section we will help you create a clearing in space by evaluating how your physical environment pulls for your success. We will help you build a powerful schedule that allows you to effectively master yourself in time. Finally we will create an emotional clearing by examining your beliefs, experiences, self talk, as well as the people you allow to influence your thinking.

Owning Your Brilliance: Creating Goals that put your brilliance to work for you.

We all have areas to which we excel, things we enjoy doing, or task that must only be accomplished by us. In this section you will begin to delegate, holding on to and maximize your skills, talent and expertise.

Stress Free Success: Work ON your business not IN your business.

In this section you will build a system for your business and your life.  You will look at each area of your life and begin to build a system that will allow you to delegate, focus on your strengths and maximize your time.  Your system will allow you to create time and money freedom by allowing productivity to continue in your absence.

Duplicate or Die: The Power Leverage (And how to get it!)

Learn to surround yourself with excellence.  It is important know what you excel at and then surround yourself with people who excel in areas you do not or in areas you choose not to give your time. Delegating will make you more efficient while allowing you to partner with and value those around you.

Making Your Best, Better: The Leader shows up BEFORE the Money

Success is created when we choose to pursue life long learning.  If you are not growing you are dying. In this section you will learn to set goals that keep you just beyond your comfort zone and have you continually grow.

Don't you think it's time to change?
Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

It's time to change your mindset and your habits.

It's time to WIN the Million Dollar game.

Let me lead the way.